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D Engelbart's ABC interpreted

Value system affects how we see the world and how we set the goals for actions:

Corporate management frame - Interpreted from D Engelbart's ABC model

If we stick to our own value system(mind set) which is expressed as A framework, our actions are confined within the A framework of our own. In this case, our actions are limited for collective improvements with others for larger scale improvements. In order to get out of this situation, we need to be able to put our A framework under our own control and make it collaboratively work with other people's A framework. For this, we need B framework at a higher level of A to manage our own A framework. TQC has been such an example where we look our job from a higher level view point such as corporate view point for over all quality improvement.

If you are confined within the B frame which is usually an organizationally bound framework, your capabilities are limited for collective works for hither missions the society needs beyond B frame. In this complex world, you need to go beyond your organizational boundary and collectively work to save the world. In order to be able to do that, you need to be able to put your B frame under your own control to govern it with B frames of others for agreed higher missions. Thus the need for the C frame.

Corporate management frame - Interpreted from D Engelbart's ABC model

'A' activities need to be dynamically linked with B and C frames. The B and C frames needs to be dynamically developed in light of the changing environment to attain the agreed mission.

ABC space for CoDIAK organization

DKR : Dynamic Knowledge Repository
CODIAK : Concurrently Developing, Integrating and Applying Knowledge